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GAMGA, the German American Mardi Gras Association was founded in 1985 as the union of primarily German-American Mardi Grass (Karneval) clubs in the United States. The goal is to continue and enhance the tradition of German Karneval in the US and Canada, to promote and organize an annual gala, and to facilitate communication and co-operation between the clubs.  GAMGA also promotes intensive youth work through financial assistance, membership of youth clubs in GAMGA and performance opportunities for children and adolescents.


The Executive Board of GAMGA is elected annually by the member clubs and consists of volunteers.  The primary role of the GAMGA board is to organize the annual GALA in Las Vegas. The GAMGA Gala usually takes place in the second week of January.  The board is also tasked with keeping the finances of the Association sound.  GAMGA also promotes and supports Karneval activities in the United States and Canada.


The GAMGA Gala is the annual meeting of all German Karneval clubs in the US and Canada and is regularly attended by nearly 1000 guests.  Many clubs participate with various performances such as Garde dances and parodies. In addition, ballroom dancing and socializing with other clubs is an important part of this event.


The Board elects a Royal Couple (Prinzenpaar) every year.  The candidates are proposed by the member clubs and must first have been a royal couple in their club before.  The royal couple will be crowned during the Gala.  After the Gala the newly crowned Prinzenpaar will represent GAMGA while visiting other clubs during the Karneval season.


GAMGA also maintains close contact with the Federation of German Karneval (Bund Deutscher Karneval – BdK) and their German Karneval clubs.  GAMGA is also a member of the BdK.  Representatives of the German Karneval clubs regularly visit the GAMGA Gala.  GAMGA members also travel to Germany to attend events by the Germany Karneval clubs.


>GAMGA Founders


Your GAMGA 2017-2018 Board

Holger Claus, President

Bill Collins, Treasurer

Kurt Hauptmann, Secretary

Lana Fauskin, Volunteer Coordinator


The German American Mardi Gras Association represents the German American Karneval Clubs in the USA and Canada.

Karneval/Mardi Gras has a long tradition in Germany and is celebrated by millions of people there. Our goal is to give people in North America that same kind of feeling, the fun and the freedom of German Karneval, give them a place to celebrate the “fifth season” in America and keep a bit of German culture alive. All are welcome, no need to be German!

GAMGA celebrates one time per year an America wide event – the GAMGA Gala in Las Vegas –  with visitors from all over the world.

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